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Volcanix® Humic

Protect Factor

Effective Feeding


Innovative Protection

Volcanix® Humic Protect Factor helps significantly maintain plants in good condition and health thanks to:

  • Humi active complex - humic complex chelating macro and microelements found in the fertilizer and providing structure-forming carbon for plants;

  • LS active complex - chelating complex and adjuvant reducing the surface tension in the fertilizer, thanks to which the fertilizer is more effectively used by plants;

  • Biostym active complex – is a complex that biologically stimulates plants to grow, limiting the impact of stress on plants and regenerating plants after stressful conditions, the complex consists: natural amino acids, substances and enzymes that stimulate growth, colloidal silica.


Features of the Volcanix® Humic Protect Factor:

  • high content of macro and microelements, in the most accessible forms for plants, quick elimination of macro and micronutrient deficiencies;

  • high efficiency of the use of particular elements by plants;

  • full chelation of microelement elements ensures their high uptake and use by plants;

  • protective properties - hampering and inhibiting the development of pathogens;

  • easy to use (after dilution with water they are clear, do not clog nozzles and sprayer lines.


Why Volcanix® Humic Protect Factor:

The high content of Manganese, Boron, Silicon, Copper and Zinc responds to the demand of cereal plants for deficient microelements. Manganese is responsible for the resistance of plant tissues. Boron as the most deficient of microelements is responsible for a number of important processes such as generative development. Silicon contained in the agent is responsible for improving the use of other elements and increasing the strength of plants for stress conditions. Copper additionally has fungicidal activity and zinc significantly accelerates the development of root hairs.

Nitrogen and Potassium accelerate the absorption and transport of nutrients in the plant. Nitrogen additionally accelerates the development of the aboveground part of the plant and the synthesis of proteins.

The Microelement Complex allows to nourish the plant and maximizing its yielding potential. Magnesium allows chlorophyll to bind plants, better use of nitrogen and make up for deficits of this deficient component, sulphur improves nitrogen utilization, has a beneficial effect on plant health.

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