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Seaweed Extract

of Nature 

Volcanix® Seaweed Extract is derived from natural Ascophyllum Nodosum.

This product has many features, such as totally decomposed, high contents of medium trace elements, hard particles, large volume, low water content, slow-release, controlled release and so on. Appears as round granules.


  • Alginic Acid - 4%;

  • Organic matter - 45%;

  • N-P-K - 2-1-2,5;

  • Ca - 3%;

  • Mg - 3%;

  • S - 4%;

  • Fe/Zn/B/Mo - 0,2%;

  • pH value - 7;

  • Mosture - 2-3%;

  • Granules size - 2-4 mm.


  • Improves soil structure to loosen soil and break the soil compaction;

  • Environmental friendly: regulating soil micro ecology, decrease pesticide residues, passivate heavy metals;

  • Reduce diseases: controlling the growth of soil born pathogens, reduce the underground pests;

  • Various nutrition: be rich in medium trace elements, prevent the deficiency of syndrome effectively;

  • Increases yield: promoting flower bud differentiation, increase fruit setting rate, promote the expansion, improve fruit weight;

  • Well-developed root system, prevent excessive growth, induce plant to produce phytoalexin, increase the ability of crop resistance;

  • Improves fruit color, surface light, hardness, improve the content of solid matters and storage stability.

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Methods of the application 
Volcanix Foliar Applications
Volcanix - Application by Irrigation System
Foliar Applications
Volcanix - Application by Tractor Sprayer
Tractor Sprayer
Irrigation System
Volcanix - Irrigation in Greenhouses & Hydroponic
Irrigation in Greenhouses & Hydroponic
Volcanix - Application by Tractor Spreader
Tractor Spreader
Volcanix - mix with manure, peat, humic acid and other fertilizers
Mix with Manure, Peat, Humic Acid and other Fertilizers
Apples also need Volcanix
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