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What is

The Mission?

Volcanix® Biostimulant is our answer to the global crisis of soil degradation.

It is our mission and the goal to improve the quality of soil and consequently its crops.

In cooperation with international agricultural scientists, laboratories and scientific institutes as well as ordinary farmers we create the special Soil Improvers and Biostimulants based on volcano rocks mix and humic, fulvic and amino products.

At the moment it is possible to find rock dust products from a single rock but we have invented uncommon mixtures by combining various volcanic and sedimentary rocks.

We are the producer of mixtures consisting of 23 special selected rocks named  Volcanix® Soil Improver.

Our other range of products contain Humic Acids, Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid and Seaweed Extract which we connect with many important to the soil elements


  The main advantages of Volcanix® products:

  • Improve soil structure thanks to air circulation.

  • Regulate and stabilize the pH of the soil.

  • Regulate the concetration of nutrients: macro- and microelements.

  • Increase water holding capacity of soils.

  • Result in better rooting of plants.

  • Regenerates plants after chemical sprays.

  • Extend the growing season by delaying the penetration of cold and frost.

  • Stimulates plants for balanced growth.


Volcanix Natural Care
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