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Volcanix's Team travels all over the world to meet people, to present advanteges and effects of our Natural Soil Improvers.
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Conference and Exhibition in
Abu Dhabi, UAE.
GFIA 2019​.
Conference GFIA
Exhibition AgriteQ
Our Stand.
AgriteQ 2019 Qatar. Important Fair.
Agriteq Expo
Expo CAC.jpg
China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition 2019 in Shanghai.
CAC exhibition.jpg
Hainan Fair.jpg
Government Agricultural Fair. Hainan, December 2018
Hainan Fair 1.jpg
Organic Fair 1.jpg
Organic Fair. Xiamen 2018
Organic Fair.jpg
Agriculture Meeting 1.JPG
Volcanix® Promotion - Meeting with Farmers in Fujian Province.
Agriculture Meeting.jpg
Exhibition Chengdu.jpg
Agriculture Exhibition in Chengdu, China. November 2018
Exhibition Chengdu 1.jpg
Volcanix Promotion in Taiwan
Volcanix® Promotion in Taiwan. Asia Agri-Tech Fair 2018
Volcanix Promotion in Asia Agri-Tech Fait Taiwan
Volcanix at Agra Middle East Exhibition
Promotion in the Middle East. AgraME Dubai 2018
Volcanix at AgraME Dubai
China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition 2018 in Shanghai.
Volcanix Opening of Exhibition
We attended in China Agricultural High-Tech Fair 2017
Volcanix stand at the exhibition
Agricultural Exhibition
Our stand at SouthWest Agricultural Fair 2017 in Kunming
Volcanix booth at the agricultural exhibition
Volcanix stand at the exhibition
Our exclusive representative D&S Co. in China at China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition 2017 in Shanghai
Volcanix stand in Shanghai fair
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