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Volcanix® Humic N23
Effective Feeding
Innovative Protection

Humic Pro NPK.jpg

85% organic substances;

N - 23%;

SO3 - 2%;

MgO - 1%;

Features of the Volcanix® Humic N23:

  • 3 mineral forms of nitrogen: amide, ammonium and nitrate, allow for optimal nitrogen nutrition of plants;

  • 3 organic-mineral forms of nitrogen, combined with humic acid, enable protection and gradual release of nitrogen;

  • two additional plant nutrients - magnesium and sulfur, increase the efficiency of nitrogen use by plants;

  • the high content of organic substances stimulates biochemical processes taking place in plants and activates the activity of nitrogen bacteria that release organically bound nitrogen;

  • high content of macro and microelements;

  • full chelation of microelement elements ensures their high uptake and use by plants;

  • high efficiency of the use of particular elements by plants;

  • protective properties – hampering and inhibiting the development of pathogens;

  • increases the efficiency of using minerals from the soil by plants;

  • improves the structure of your soils;

  • using systematically raise up the soil water capacity;

  • using Humic N23 yields are rising, costs are falling and the soil remains in good condition.

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Methods of the application 
Volcanix Foliar Applications
Foliar Applications
Volcanix - Application by Tractor Sprayer
Tractor Sprayer
Volcanix - Application by Irrigation System
Irrigation System
Volcanix - Irrigation in Greenhouses & Hydroponic
Irrigation in Greenhouses & Hydroponic
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