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Volcanix® Humic N23
Effective Feeding
Innovative Protection

Humic N23 is a organic-mineral fertilizer based on a patented technology of Nitrogen complexation with Humic Acids.

Innovative technology enables the combination of Humic Acids with Nitrogen, Magnesium and Sulfur. Specially selected Organic Substances activate Nitrogen Bacteria when applied to the soil, increasing the amount of Nitrogen available to plants. When applied foliarly, the Organic Substances contained in Humic N23 accelerate biochemical processes that enable effective use of Nitrogen by plants.


  • Organic substances: 85% (in dry mass);

  • Nitrogen N: 23% mineral and organic forms;

  • Sulphur SO3: 2%;

  • Magnesium MgO: 1%;

  • Liquid;


  • 3 mineral forms of nitrogen: amide, ammonium and nitrate, allow for optimal nitrogen nutrition of plants;

  • 3 organic-mineral forms of nitrogen, combined with humic acid, enable protection and gradual release of nitrogen;

  • two additional plant nutrients - magnesium and sulfur, increase the efficiency of nitrogen use by plants;

  • the high content of organic substances stimulates biochemical processes taking place in plants and activates the activity of nitrogen bacteria that release organically bound nitrogen;

  • high content of macro and microelements;

  • full chelation of microelement elements ensures their high uptake and use by plants;

  • high efficiency of the use of particular elements by plants;

  • protective properties – hampering and inhibiting the development of pathogens;

  • increases the efficiency of using minerals from the soil by plants;

  • improves the structure of your soils;

  • using systematically raise up the soil water capacity;

  • using Humic N23 yields are rising, costs are falling and the soil remains in good condition.


To the soil:
30 liters Humic N23 + 300 liters water / 1 hectare.

5 liters Humic N23 + 400 liters water /1 hectare.



  • 20l canister

  • 1000l tank

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