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Volcanix® Humic
Harvest Mg+S

Highly Effective Organic
and Mineral
Soil Improver

Humic Harvest Mg+S is a highly effective organic and mineral granulated agent improving soil condition.

It contains concentrated humic acid as well as macro and micro elements in the form that restrict their elution effectively.


  • Organic matter: 20%

  • Humic Acid: 60%;

  • Calcium CaO: 15%;

  • Magnesium MgO: 4,5%

  • Sulphur S: 9%;

  • Pellet;


  • Improves the quality of agricultural crops;

  • Improves the content of available macro and micro elements;

  • Increases organic matter of soil;

  • Improves crop respiration and photosynthesis;

  • Increases the sorbent abilities of soil even by 10 times;

  • Enhances water holding capacity of soil;

  • Positive effect on the development of the root system and the condition of plants;

  • Reduces soil erosion and improves workability of soil;

  • Regulates the release of nutrients;

  • Azoto-bacteria – bind and make atmospheric nitrogen available to plants;

  • Corrects the acidifying operation of mineral fertilizers which are physiologically acid;


To the soil:
100-300 kg per hectare every year before sowing. Dose depends from the pH of the soil.



  • 20kg bag

  • 1000kg bigbag

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Methods of the application 
Tractor Spreader
Volcanix - Application by Tractor Sprayer
Tractor Sprayer
Volcanix - Application by Irrigation System
Irrigation System
Mix with other Fertilizers
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