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of Silicon

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Effects of the product Volcanix® Natural Mineralizing Soil Improver:
  • Strengthens resilience of plants, trees and bushes.

  • Insecticide: combats plant lice, caterpillars, beetles, snails.

  • Fungicide: combats potato blight, fire blight, anthracnose, noble rot, yellow leaf curl virus, apple scab, powdery mildew, downy mildew, bacterial cancer, bacterial spot disease.

  • Our product is adjusted to the pH volume, type and level of degradation of the soil.

  • High storage capacity of water, warmth and nutrients.

  • Improve soil structure thanks to air circulation.

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Methods of the application 
Volcanix Foliar Applications
Foliar Applications
Volcanix - Application by Tractor Sprayer
Tractor Sprayer
Volcanix - Application by Tractor Spreader
Tractor Spreader
Volcanix - Application by Irrigation System
Irrigation System
Volcanix - Irrigation in Greenhouses & Hydroponic
Irrigation in Greenhouses & Hydroponic
Volcanix - mix with manure, peat, humic acid and other fertilizers
Mix with Manure, Peat, Humic Acid and other Fertilizers

What is 

The Meaning

of Silicon?

The increasing number of scientific studies show the beneficial effects of silicon. The plants deficient in silicon present symptoms of growth, development and reproduction disorders and higher vulnerability to toxic substances, pathogens and pests. It has been proved that silicon has a significant influence on the regulation of nutrients extraction by the plants.
It regulates the absorption of phosphorus on such
a considerable scale that fertilization with even half
a dose of phosphorus makes the symptoms of deficiency disappear.
Research conducted mainly in the USA, but also in Australia, China, the United Kingdom, Russia and Poland show undoubtedly positive influence of silicon on plants, their growth, yielding and sensitivity to biotic and abiotic stress. Many tests have proved the significant influence of silicon on the regulation of nutrients extraction. Particularly spectacular results have been achieved during the study of influence of fertilization with silicon on phosphorus extraction.
Apples also need Volcanix
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