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Algae Ultra

Effective Feeding
Innovative Protection

Volcanix® Algae Ultra is a rich in variety of

plant-derived natural organic substances.

Molecular recombination technology is used to make it more active, which can better promote crop growth and development, achieve the effects of stress resistance immunity, green leaves, strengthening trees, getting flowers and fruits, increasing yield and quality.

It perfectly combines multiple medium and trace elements with organic compounds, which can effectively alleviate difficulties of not absorbing those elements by crops and solve the problem of crop deficiency.


  • Seaweed Extract - 180 g/l;

  • Amino Acid - 260 g/l;

  • Nitrogen - 100 g/l (Organic Nitrogen - 47 g/l);

  • Potassium (K2O) - 25 g/l;

  • Mg - 20 g/l;

  • Fe - 10 g/l;

  • Zn + B - 5 g/l;

  • pH - 4,5-6,5.



Algae Ultra is made by using Molecular Recombination Technology which makes the product able to by quickly absorbed by the crop roots.

This product is rich in large, medium and trace elements which can supplement all kinds of nutrients needed for

a crop to grow and effectively prevent the comprehensive deficiency symptoms of crops.

Algae Ultra improves crops resistance to cold, drought, salinity and alkali.

The product contains a variety of natural plant growth regulators, which can stimulate the production of functional factors in plants and regulate the balance of endogenous hormones.

It helps the plant to have strong roots, seedling of crops and make leaves fat as well as green.

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