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Fulvic Pro LQ

Power of Nature
In the
Liquid Form

Volcanix® Fulvic Pro LQ is a pure mineral source of potassium fulvate liquid.

We select high-quality young leonardite and use the international advanced MRT (molecular recombination technology) to obtain a high content of mineral source fulvic acid and potassium. This product contains very active functional groups and has strong ion exchange capacity.

It can be compounded within the range of pH value 2-12. Also, it does not produce any precipitation in the case of hard water of 30 and can counter hard water.


  • Total Humic Acid - 300g/l;

  • Mineral source Fulvic Acid - 250 g/l;

  • K2O - 60g/l

  • Dry matter - 450 g/l


Fulvic Pro LQ counter hard water and floccution.

Potassium fulvic acid can activate and compact the soil, help with the physiological metabolism of crops and root development also it makes stems and leaves lush.

This product improves soil water and fertilizer retention capacity, adjusts pH value, reduces the content of heavy metals in soil and the harm of salt ions to seeds and seedlings.

Potassium fulvic acid can be used for basal and flushing application, which can make crops mature earlier and increase yield.

Nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solubilization and potassium activation.

The synergistic effect on potassium fertilizer is particularly apparent, it can increase roots and seedlings, resist heavy cropping and diseases, also improve crop quality.

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