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What Is

Your Plan


The Future?

Our Plan is to offer you better life. We dream about the food which is not only chemical product, we dream about the food which is natural product from our Earth.

Now the dream is coming true.

Our laboratory developed the technology of producing natural Soil Improvers and Biostimulants.

Civilization destroyed our lands year by year and now its deserve to rebuild it in the natural way.

Now it is our TIME TO CHANGE.

We offer you few type of VOLCANIX® products.

The first one is absolutely New Natural Soil Remineralizing Improver which also can be revised by adding manure, humic acid or other special natural mixes.

The next type is range of product with Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Amino Acid and Seaweed Extract which are the base of our Biostimulants.

100%Natural & 100% Efficiency.

  • Volcanix® products causes excellent growth effects in both organic and traditional crops. Significantly activates biological life, causes high and healthy yielding even on weak and degraded soil.

  • It rebuilds the natural immunity of plants to stress and pathogenic factors as well restores the microbiological balance.

  • Minerals from our product remineralize the soil substrate and are not harmful to the environment.

  • Volcanix® improves the flavour of fruit and vegetables and adds vigour and intensity of colour to the plants.

  • At a time when chemistry is everywhere around us the moment has come to think about the future of our planet and the condition of its soils.

Now Is The Highest And The Last Time For Change

Healthy Food Means Better Life

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