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Volcanix's Team travels all over the world to meet people, to present advanteges and effects of our Natural Soil Improvers.
Volcanix® applied by the irrigation system on the new Grape field.
In the future the taste of Local Wine will be much better! 
Two months of growing with Volcanix®. Italy.
Volcanix® mixed with Manure.
The field will be ready for 2019 season.
Volcanix® helps to reconstruct Organic Tea Gardens.
Grape with our Volcanix®
Grape without our Volcanix®
No Volcanix®
No Result
Volcanix®. Application for vegetables in Poland.
More green and in better condition rice fields after Volcanix® 
Application in the greenhouse of tomatoes.
Vines also need Volcanix®
Rice fields with our Volcanix®
Home Garden Roses with our Volcanix®
Home Garden Roses with our Volcanix®
Kiwi trees with our Volcanix® look very delicious.
Grapes ripening with Volcanix®
Grapes ripening with our Volcanix®. Look very good.
Volcanix®. Application for strengthening plants and increasing future yields.
Volcanix® Humic Active Cocktail. Comparing the grow of plants with and without our treatments.
Blooming of Roses with our Volcanix® Humic Protect Factor.
Volcanix® Mineralizing Soil Improver mixed with the soil before the sawing.
One of the biggest greenhouse has started to test our Volcanix® products.
Our Volcanix® Humic Complex rescues seedlings.
Chili for seeds after Volcanix® Natural Mineralizing Soil Improver application.
Delicious Tomatoes after Volcanix® Humic Active application.
We are supporting huge plantation of Melon.
Grape and our
Volcanix® Humic Active Cocktail - The Best Team.
Dragon Fruit - better taste and bigger yields. Use Volcanix® Humic Protect for 1500 hectares of this nice fruits.
Melon harvest. Bigger yields after using our Volcanix® Humic Active.
Huge and tasty after Volcanix® Humic Active application.
So sweet Watermelon after Volcanix® Humic Active and Volcanix® Soil Improver 
We are supporting plantation in Qatar.
New Life of WaxBerry It was going to die but after Volcanix® treatment it has new beginning.