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Volcanix® Mycorrhiza
Better rooting 
of Plants

Volcanix® Mycorrhiza - innovative and professional EndoMycorrhiza Powder and EctoMycorrhiza Liquid.

Our complex of EctoMycorrhiza liquid is the mix of 10 valuable mycorrhiza mycelium.

In 1 ml of our EctoMycorrhiza there are 1000000 Propagules.

Our EctoMycorrhiza is prepared only for one kind of tree/bush - for example one type for Blueberries and second type for Grapes.

The use of VOLCANIX® EctoMycorrhiza in organic and conventional crops allows achieving high and healthy crops while reducing expenditure on conventional mineral fertilizers by significantly increasing the efficiency of the use of mineral components by plants. It is also very important for restoring soil microbial balance. Using VOLCANIX® EctoMycorrhiza Liquid we can improve soil class, increasing its fertility, structure and biodiversity.

Using our technology of plant fertilization and soil care based on the above multi-product we simultaneously rebuild the natural fertility of the soil, taking care of the

natural environment and increase the profitability of the farm. The innovation of the above solution allows, at the same time, to achieve tangible benefits in a very wide

spectrum of impact of the above minerals and mycorrhizae. This innovative solutions

are completely ecological and safe.

Our complex of EndoMycorrhiza powder is the mix of 7 valuable Mycorrhiza funguses. In 1 gram our Mycorrhiza there are 10000 propagules.

This innovative solutions are completely ecological an safe.


  • Result in better rooting of plants;

  • Effectively affects the better absorption of nutrients from the soil by plants;

  • Quick and healthy growth of plants and saplings in plant nurseries;

  • The Mycorrhizal symbiosis increase the plant's effective water utilization capability - improved tolerance to stress, - higher resistance to drought;

  • Perfect flavor of fruit and vegetables, vigor and intensity of color of plant;

  • Extend the growing season by delaying the penetration of cold and frost;

  • Assure good drainage and prevent inundations;

  • Improves soil structure;

  • Neutralizes heavy metals and salts in the soil;

  • Promotes life in the soil;

Components & Dosing ->
Methods of the application:
  • Use the injection equipment to applicate to each tree or bush to the soil around the roots system;

  • Directly before sowing, in the sowing points;

  • For old cultivation - mix with the soil around the roots;

  • For seeds - mix withe the seeds before sowing;

  • For new cultivation - directly before planting in the planting points/hole.


Apples also need Volcanix
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