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Volcanix® Humic Active Cocktail



In a New Form

Volcanix Humic Active Cocktail

Volcanix® Humic Active Cocktail contains:

  • Humic (TAP® – SAH – Stable Active Humus).

  • dejecta of worms (vermicompost).

  • and

  • clay minerals.

  • nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other macro-, micro-and ultra-microelements.


Beneficial effects of the Humic compounds contained in Volcanix® Humic Active Cocktail  on the biophysicochemical properties of the soil:

  • increase sorption capacity – the ability to accumulate nutrients in the soil (the sorption capacity of Humic is up to 12 times the capacity of the mineral components).

  • increase the levels of Humic compounds and nutrients in the soil.

  • regulate and stabilize the pH of the soil.

  • regulate the concentration of nutrients (macro- and microelements).

  • release organically bound nutrients (N-nitrogen, P-phosphorus, K-potassium, and all the macro-and micro- and ultra-microelements).

  • significantly reduce leaching of mineral fertilizers so that their use can be reduced by as much as 70%.

  • increase the availability and uptake of microelements.

  • increase water holding capacity of soils, up to 5 times.

  • improve the aggregate structure of soils, thus improving water-air relations.  In sandy soils this results in increased firmness, while in heavy soils leads to a crumbier structure. The formation of soil aggregate structure is significantly influenced by polysaccharides, proteins, lipids and lignin.

  • enhance the growth of roots, especially the hairlike roots, i.e. the main roots by which plants absorb food.

  • increase the number and amounts of minerals and vitamins in plants.

  • significantly reduce the incidence of chlorosis caused by lack of iron.

  • change the colour of the soil to more brown, which results in better absorption of sunlight, improving the thermal properties of the soil.


Benefits of combining Humic and humic acids contained in it with dejecta of worms (vermicompost):

  • Thanks to the combination in Volcanix® Humic Active Cocktail of dejecta of worms (vermicompost) with humic colloids of stable active humic we obtain a comprehensive and full effect of improving soil fertility. Plants growing in a soil treated with Volcanix® Humic Active Cocktail grow faster, are healthier and produce a high-quality crop of high nutritional value. The combination of these ingredients makes Volcanix® Humic Active Cocktail an innovative product, with a complex mode of action, friendly to plants, the soil environment and human health.

  • This combination results in constant availability to plants of all nutrients at all stages of their development.

  • Dejecta of worms (vermicompost) convert nutrients into forms available to plants.


Volcanix® Humic Active Cocktail is intended for fertilizing all plant species in both open field and protected cultivation on a commercial scale, e.g. fruit plants, vegetables, agricultural crops and ornamental plants, and also in parks and green areas. VOLCANIX® HUMIC ACTIVE COCKTAIL gives excellent results in plant growth both in organic and traditional cultivation. 

VOLCANIX® HUMIC ACTIVE COCKTAIL applied to the soil and leaves of plants significantly increases the water holding capacity and sorption capacity of the substrate and improves the size and quality of crops.

By cultivating plants with VOLCANIX® HUMIC ACTIVE COCKTAIL only, we reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases.

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