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Volcanix® Humic Active Cocktail
Soil Conditioner

Volcanix Humic Active Cocktail

Volcanix® Humic Active Cocktail is a Functional Organic Soil Condition with Billions of Positive Microorganisms.

High content of Humic Acids. Comprehensive and innovative composition: Positive Bacterial Microflora, beneficial Mycorrhizal & Trichoderma fungi and growth-promoting enzymes.


  • Humic Acid: 55%

  • Trichoderma and Mycorrhiza fungus: more than 10 millions/g;

  • Positive bacteria: Actinobacteria, spore-forming, fluorescent bacteria,

    Pseudomonas, phosphorus, cellulolytic Azotobacter, Bacillus;

  • Micro and macro elements: N, P2O5, K2O, MgO, CaO, Fe, Mn;

  • Coloidal silica;

  • Soil proteins;

  • Growth substances - vitamins, auxins and organic acids;

  • Cellulose, polysaccharides;

  • Liquid;


  • Improves the quality of agricultural crops;

  • Improves the content of available macro and micro elements;

  • Increases organic matter of soil;

  • Improves crop respiration and photosynthesis;

  • Enhances water holding capacity of soil;

  • Reduces soil erosion and improves workability of soil;

  • Regulates the release of nutrients;

  • Bacteria of the Bacillus - produce natural enzymes that stimulate plant growth and reduce the occurrence of soil diseases;

  • Improves the content of available Potassium;

  • Phosphorus bacteria – make phosphorus available;

  • Azoto-bacteria – bind and make atmospheric nitrogen available to plants;


To the soil:
20 liters Humic Active Coctail + 400 liters water / 1 hectare. Only two times per season.

To the leaves:
5 liters Humic Active Coctail + 200 liters water /1 hectare. Applied from the beginning of vegetation until harvest, not more often that once the week.


  • 20l canister

  • 1000l tank

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Methods of the application 
Volcanix Foliar Applications
Foliar Applications
Volcanix - Application by Tractor Sprayer
Tractor Sprayer
Volcanix - Application by Irrigation System
Irrigation System
Volcanix - Irrigation in Greenhouses & Hydroponic
Irrigation in Greenhouses & Hydroponic
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